Armorgard FlamStor Storage Cabinet for Chemicals & Flammables

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Fire resistant cabinets are essential in workplaces and industries that deal with chemicals and flammable liquids. The FlamStor Cabinet is an upright cabinet with adjustable shelving, to fully comply with all regulations for storing harmful chemicals or flammables.

Designed to prevent leakages with a fully-welded and tested sump base. The heavy-duty doors of the fire-resistant cabinet come with two, five lever deadlocks. The secure storage cabinet has a high and low ventilation system to prevent the build-up of fumes. FlamStor Cabinets are built to 30 minute fire rating specification ensuring comprehensive resistance against fire, giving you peace of mind in this secure cabinet. You can feel assured about easy movement of the FlamStor Cabinet because it has fork lift access to aid lifting.

Armorgard FlamStor Cabinet complies with all COSHH regulations ensuring that your chemicals or flammables are kept safe, accessible and secure.
  • Robust, heavy duty steel construction with a Bright Red powder coated finish for maximum durability and hazard warning signs fitted as standard.
  • Built to specification for 30 minutes fire resistance.
  • Features a fully welded and tested sump base to prevent leakage.
  • Flame arrester gauze fitted for ventilation and specially designed flameproof vents to prevent build-up of fumes.
  • Keyed alike 5 lever deadlocks both sides, with heavy duty chubb style keys and welded ID numbers.
  • Fully adjustable internal shelves.
  • Forklift skids for easy manoeuvrability.


Type Hazardous Substance Storage
Brand Armorgard
Weight 44.5kg