Burn Stop Workplace First Aid Burns Kit

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The immediate treatment of burns injuries is essential to halt the progress of burns through the layers of skin. Burns kits are essential for rapid first aid if employees burn or scald themselves in the workplace. Even in workplaces where fire is not a high risk, its a good idea to invest in burn treatments such as burns kits so that should anyone be injured in this way, he or she can be treated quickly and effectively before obtaining professional medical attention.

Burns Kits comprise everything you could possibly need to adequately treat a burn related injury in the workplace. Burns kits take the stress out of knowing what to do in the moment of crisis when someone has suffered a burn or been scalded by boiling water. Not only do they feature everything you might need for on the spot first aid, they also have clear, effective, easy to follow guidelines on what to do when someone has been injured in this way.

  • An economical solution for treatment of burn injuries, designed to be convenient in case of a burns emergency.
  • Contains fast acting, quick relief dressings and gels to cool, soothe and stop the burn process.
  • Easy to identify and recognise, being in a bright red colour and having a white cross and "Burns Kit" marking on the case.

Contents                                                      Small      Medium    Large

First Aid Guidance Leaflet                             1               1              1

Burn Stop Burn Dressings 10 x 10cm          2               2              2

Burn Stop Burn Dressings 20 x 20cm          -                1              2

Burn Stop Gel Sachets 3.5g                          3                6              9

Safety Pins                                                      12              12           12

Conforming Bandages 7.5cm                       2                3             4

Gloves (pair)                                                    2                3             4

Clothing Cutters                                              -                 1             1


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