Derma Shield Skin Protectant

Derma Shield Skin Protectant

Ideal for: Catering, Chemicals, Construction, Factories ,Farriers, Florists, Gardeners, Hairdressers, Landscapers, Nail Technicians, Postal Workers, Reptile Keepers, Scuba Divers, Swimmers, Tattooists.

Derma Shield Skin Protectant Barrier Mousse is available in three sizes; 50ml, 150ml and 500ml, with each giving approximately 55, 165 and 550 applications respectively. Derma Shield Aerosol is dispensed as a light mousse to provide a quick and easy application. 

Derma Shield has helped many sufferers of skin complaints and can benefit men, women and children. It is light and easy to use, contains no fragrances and is completely non-toxic. Formulated with natural Aloe Vera, vitamin E and anti-irritation ingredients, Derma Shield eases existing skin dryness as it moisturises, nurtures and treats the underlying causes of many skin conditions. It has been shown to not only treat dry, sore, chapped hands but also to be highly effective in treating contact dermatitis. Traditional barrier creams just do not have a comparable profile.

Derma Shield does not replace Personal Protective Equipment (PPE). However, if your PPE fails, or you get splashed unexpectedly, a pre-applied application of Derma Shield will provide temporary emergency protection against many acids and bases throughout the PH scale, including sulphuric, hydrochloric, nitric, phosphoric and citric acids.

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