Drum Vent - Pressure Relief Valve

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Some products that are stored in drums need venting so that if temperatures rise they do not build up pressure as the material gets warmer as this can cause the drum to burst. Automatic pressure relief ensures you have a safe workplace because drum safety vents automatically relieve pressure between 3 and 8 PSI.

  • Vents are tested to allow 61 cubic inches of water through a 9.5mm pipe nipple in less than 6 seconds.
  • Keep vent in the closed position to prevent flammable vapour from escaping.
  • A built-in frame arrester helps absorb and dissipate heat for added safety.
  • Manual vacuum relief (Must be installed in horizontal position)
  • Suitable for petroleum-based applications.
  • FM approved

The drum pressure relief valve is an essential safety measure for drummed products that can vaporise with temperature rises which is especially important where the product is moved from a cold outside location into a factory environment where heating may be active to maintain a working environment that is pleasant for employees.


Brand Justrite