Manual Fire Hose Reels

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Easily recognisable, tidy, wall mounted storage for manually operated fire hoses.

  • Brass and Steel powder coated construction for long lasting corrosion protection and a high-quality finish.
  • Supplied ‘hose on’ and ready to install.
  • 19mm x 30mt hose supplied as standard, other sizes available on request.
  • Supplied with jet/spray nozzle, hose guide (fixed models) and gate valve (manually operated models).
  • Available as either a fixed or swinging unit.
  • Kitemarked to BSEN671-1.
  • Need to be tested yearly.

Choose between the fixed position hose reel for if you’re able to determine the pull out will always be in that direction or the more manoeuvrable swinging hose reel. Plumbed into the mains water supply with a gated valve these efficient fire hoses are suitable for fighting Class A Carbon based fires - wood, paper and textiles. Ideal as emergency equipment for damping down vulnerable material in outside service areas and emergency use prior to emergency crew arrival if precautionary escape routes are in place. Your workplace fire risk assessment will determine the type and placement of fire fighting equipment required and your environmental assessment will determine any likely measures that should be taken to deal with excess run off. Before you pull the hose from the Hose Reel you will need to turn the Water on using the Gate Valve. Ideal for schools and busy areas where it could easily be knocked or pulled by mistake.


Hose Dia. x Height 19mm x 30mt