Plant Nappy Flexible Drip Trays for Spill Containment

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Designed to be placed under site equipment and machinery allowing any spills of fuel and oil to be contained within the base whilst allowing clean water to escape.
  • Robust construction able to withstand all weather conditions.
  • Lightweight and fully portable for ease of transportation around site.
  • The nappy can be placed on uneven ground or slight inclines with no loss of performance.
  • Base features a cushioned non-slip surface which prevents machinery moving.
  • Four securing abs can be used in conjunction with pegs to secure the mats in adverse weather conditions.
  • Any oil or fuel is contained within the base allowing clean, uncontaminated water to pass through the side walls into the surrounding ground.
  • We would always recommend the use of a liner to prolong the life of the nappy.
  • Shoulder bag kit includes 1 x medium plant nappy, 2 x liners, 2 x pairs of disposable gloves, 2 x disposable bags and ties, supplied in a heavy-duty PVC carry case.
  • UK Manufactured


Length x Width x Height 500 x 685 x 70mm
Containment Capacity 2lt
Brand Plant Nappy
Weight 1kg