Wheeled Medium Magnetic Sweeper Tool with Pull Bar

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Ideal for collecting ferrous metal such as screws, nails, tacks and nuts from the floors of workshops, factories, warehouses, shop aisles, garages and construction sites. 
  • Robust and designed to last, magnetic sweepers offer a cost effective solution to reducing the amount of floor debris in an area. Perfect for larger car parks, workshops, garages, warehouses and construction sites.
  • Sturdy aluminium construction with puncture proof wheels.
  • Telescopic handle means you can clear hard to reach areas with ease.
  • Pull bar discards the collected scrap metal. Very fine debris may remain on the sweeper but can be removed with a wipe.
Handle Height: 950-1290mm
Sweep Width: 1010mm
Pull Strength: 90kg (approx)


Brand Taft Safety Store